The Faroe Islands

For a girl from the Arctic part of Norway, stepping out at Vágar airport was just like coming home, refreshingly cold in March. The raw nature sets you straight into Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones mode. A Song of Ice and Fire playing in the background. Met some fantastic people and got a failed Tinder match as souvenir…


Tinder tourist & human connections

Did some swiping in Torshavn to see if I could get a local (& handsome) guide to show me around. I was there for a content marketing conference for the travel industry, where I met William from South Africa. We added each other on Snap and I think this is a strength of social media, by observing each others facade building attempts we get a feeling of acquaintance. In fact we only talked briefly, about great whites over dinner. When I saw William again in Norway recently, it felt like we’ve known each other for a long time.

Also met Avinash who makes virtual reality. I was inspired by his talk, we chatted for ten minutes and I got his LinkedIn. We’ve been talking ever since and hung out in Amsterdam earlier this summer. For me traveling is about the connections you make. I`ve been to Barcelona twice without seeing Park Güell, lived four years in England without visiting Buckingham Palace but that is not what matters to me.


Back to Tinder…

Matched with a gorgeous ginger but he didn’t reply to my pick up line. Epic fail. On the third day I had dinner at rustic lamb specialist Áarstova, at a candle lit boat-turned-table. Conversation was about digital dating, naturally with four young single adults. Had just met these two Belgians and a Swiss, whom I’d been sitting next to the whole first day, when it finally dawned on me. It was ginger! I hadn’t recognised him. I had to bring it up. He seemed slightly embarrassed, but we ended up buying each other rounds and having a laugh about it.



Top notch eateries

For such a small city Torshavn does have excellent dining options. The award winning KOKS restaurant which focus on fermented food. Fresh seafood and particularly the gigantic horse mussels at Barbaras Fish House, plus meat heaven Áarstova. At Gudrun & Gudrun you get locally made knitwear, there are more sheep than people here. Price level is similar to Denmark and Norway, they understand Norwegian. Also had the pleasure of reminiscing over dried cod snacks, an acquired taste and memories of my childhood, we had it hanging out in the garage to dry.

Top tip: Rent a car to see the most scenic sights.

Fun fact: Atlantic Airways still do bottomless free bar on board



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