So lost in Pokemon Go forgot about everything else…. obsessed. Works better than Tinder and all other dating apps, meeting guys hunting for Pikachu. Hipsters and nerds alike. Pokemania hit us like the great wave of Kanagawa, and it’s not even launched in Norway yet #teamvalor

That’s how we met, kids, hunting Pikachu in the park

China baby! 

I get the best travel insight from friends who live or lived abroad. On Facebook search you can also type in “friends of my friends who live in…” Was planning on riding solo, then put my plan on Snapchat and found my travel mate there.

Booking bonanza 

Booking China I used a plethora of sites and apps; Booking.com, Expedia, AirBnB, Hostelworld and Ctrip for train tickets. Speed trains are fun. Cross checked Momondo, Skyscanner and the whole lot, but the SAS Asia campaign drew the longest straw. Like to do both budget, mid range and luxury all in one trip.

Hostelgeeks tweeted me Peking Station Hostel, which is a quiet, green lounge two stops from Tiananmen Sq. and walking distance to Wangfujing St. and Beijing Railway Station. Feels more like a B&B really, with totally overpriced breakfast. Get your nutrition from FamilyMart up the road. One street down in the Suzhou Hutong you`ll find my fav pick`n mix noodle shop!

mmm noodle soup

Fitbit goals

China blew my Fitbit charts to smithereens. On average 25,000 steps and 15 km walking daily. Public transportation is gold and so cheap. Now Pokemon Go is making me walk great distances, oh the irony. In the next post I’ll tell you a great way to hike the wall – no tourists in sight…

Walk walk walk

Disclaimer: this blog is edited exclusively in the app, mobile only. Might not look right in desktop.


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